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All Bookkeepers/Accountants are welcome to join the VCBA. Please fill out the form completely and click SUBMIT. Wait to receive a confirmation page. Once you receive confirmation, please send your dues to Bookkeepers Association of Ventura County (BAVC) PO Box 23465 Ventura, CA 93002 805-628-2282. No application can be processed until we receive your payment in the mail.

Dues are $5 per month, payable in 6 month installments. We collect dues in October for the membership period of November 1 thru April 30 and in April for the period of May 1 thru October 31. Therefore, if you are joining in a month other than October or April, please prorate your dues payment, e.g., if joining in February, your dues payment would be $15 (to cover February thru April.)  Thank you for your interest in the BAVC!

Business Name
Street Address


Zip Code
Email Address
Type of Computer Used
Work Location Preference
Software Used (100 words or less)  
Services Offered   AP - Accounts Payable
  AR - Accounts Receivable
  BP - Business Plan
  CA - Computerized Accounting
  QB - QuickBooks Pro Advisor
  CC - Computer Consulting
  FC - Full Charge
  TX - Tax Services
  MA - Manual Accounting
  MC - Manual/Computer Conversions
  PR - Payroll Services
  SU - Business Startups
  ST - Sales Tax
Comments for Referral List, Internal Roster, and Local Accounting Professionals (100 words or less)  
Are you looking for more work currently?

Once you select SUBMIT above, this application will be sent to our Treasurer. However, you will not become a member until your dues are received. After submitting the application, wait for your confirmation page.

Thank you for your interest in BAVC.

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