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About BAVC

BAVC was established by a group of professional bookkeepers in Ventura County inspired by our sister organization, Santa Barbara Bookkeepers Association. Our goal is to bring local bookkeepers together for the purpose of mutual support and networking. BAVC has become a dynamic networking group consisting primarily of independent bookkeepers located throughout the Ventura County area.

We encourage all our members to participate in the various committees. This will also give them an opportunity to create friendships and share ideas on a more personal level. Please call any one of the officers with questions on these committees, or BAVC at (805) 628-2282. The committees consist of:

  • Speaker's Committee
  • Newsletter Committee
  • Referral List Committee
  • December Holiday Party Committee

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Officers and Directors

Donna Gordon, pres@bavc-online.org

  • Lead monthly meetings.
  • Oversee general operation of organization.
  • Interact with committees to keep everything running smoothly.
  • Handle job referrals.
  • Liaison between our organization and the general public.
  • Contribute as sees fit to newsletter and committee members.
  • Organize and set up Board meetings.
  • Coordinate dates with Social/Party Committee.
  • Handle special issues within the organization as they come up.
  • Attend Board Meetings, and other duties as needed.

Vice President
Susie Skilstad,

  • Takes over when president is not available.
  • Corroborate relationship between restaurant and BAVC.
  • Follow up on new members with a Welcome Letter.
  • Attend Board Meetings, and other duties as needed.

Sarah Reimer,

  • Take minutes at the meetings.
  • Submit a brief summary of the meeting to the Newsletter Committee.
  • Press Releases and public announcements to newspapers.
  • Attend Board Meetings, and other duties as needed.

Terrie Longo,

Jeanett Raper,

  • Collects dues, lunch fee, and special event money at each monthly meeting, making sure that all lunch attendees are current on their membership dues.
  • Update a report of meeting attendees and dues paid to use at the next meeting.
  • Reconcile money received and make deposits by income type.
  • Prepare letter for CPA mailing on semi-annual basis.
  • Provide a monthly Treasury Report to the Board.
  • Reconcile bank account monthly.
  • Pay bills, monitor P.O. Box, and distribute mail as needed.
  • Act as Budget Manager to interface with other committees.
  • Update CPA mailing list on ongoing basis.
  • Update membership status as needed to make sure that the referral list is accurate, roster is correct, and that the newsletter is only going to members in good standing.
  • Attend Board Meetings, and other duties as needed.

Professional Liason Director
Terrie Longo

Membership Directors
Tammy York

Social Events Director
Ann Marie Tullo

Susie Skillstad

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